Bucket Panniers

BiciConeX Bucket Panniers are made out of re-used, food grade, square 4 gallon buckets that are attached to a bike rack with simple, durable Zink plated wires. Each bucket includes a standard lid, however flip tops are also available for easier access. The buckets are decorated with reflective stickers and hand silk screened images printed in the USA.

Bucket uses from the obvious to the obscure:
Flip Top Lid 3 Flip Top Lid 2
bucket and wire

How to use BiciConeX Bucket Panniers.

Using the wire:

Place wire on rack with ends facing down and hold out side portion of wire.

hold out side portion of wire

With the other hand lower the bucket into the wire.

side bucket into wire

Pull up slightly on the wire and push down on the bucket.

push bucket down and pull wire up

Ride off with your bucket panniers securely attached to your rack.

ride off in style

To remove bucket on upright bike push wire down while pulling bucket up.

For first time Bucket Pannier installation bend wire ends with bucket installed on rack to custom fit the wire to your rack. Wires not bent ĺ away around rack or handle bars may come loose. BiciConex does not fully bend the wire hanger because not all racks are the same and because some people put their Bucket Panniers on the handle bars we donít fully bend the wires. Optional: Bend ends all the way closed to keep wire from coming off easily when bucket is not mounted on the bike rack For heavy buckets first place wire on rack, with two hands lift bucket on to bike rack. Balance the bucket with one hand while lifting the wire with the other. Slide the bucket into the wire and ease down while keeping bike steady.

Use wire as handle:

Slide end of wire up into slot on bucket, not through whole that a standard handle fits into.

side bucket into wire

side bucket into wire

The wire hanger can easily be pushed back out.

side bucket into wire

BiciConeX Bucket wires have also been used to; fix chain that fell off, as a drum stick to hit the bucket, and as a device to retrieve things that are out of reach.

Using the standard lid:

To remove lid start at mid-edge between corners of lid, arrows may appear on lid.

push bucket down and pull wire up

Then pull up at corners and remove lid.

push bucket down and pull wire up

For easy to remove lid cut corner lips, however this will compromise water tightness and may make the lid too lose.
To install lid partially for easy removal push only at 4 mid-edges not at corners.

Check out our instructable where we demonstrate how to make your own bucket panniers on the cheap:

Bucket Panniers on a Wire for Bicycle Cargo Haulin

The Story of BiciConeX Bucket Panniers

By Woodsin Joseph

I am not the first person to hook a bucket to my bike, or the first to try to sell buckets as a bicycle pannier, but I have come up with an idea so simple you don't know why you didn't think of it yourself. I saw how other people hooked buckets onto their bikes and tried to copy them, but I wanted something that is stable, easy to remove and doesn't compromise the bucket by drilling holes. One day I got the idea, all it takes to hold a bucket on my bike rack is a simple bent wire!

Tidy Cat Cuban Bucket Pannier